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Recent Testimonials:

Robin Johnson, Director of Client Services, Desert Aids Project. 

"After leaving DAP, I wasn't sure which direction to take I just know I wanted to be of service waking up the world. Ernesto's leadership has turned my vision of what I wanted next for my Spiritual Development Center into a reality. He's also been a huge game changer for myself and the whole community at large".

Kristin Olson, Urban Yoga Center, Palm Springs, CA.  "Ernesto's seminars and events have been a much needed and appreciated stream of revenue to the center and the community.  With his coaching and leadership we've have been able to expand our presence here in town three times over since first opening in the year 2000".

Are you already a coach or other?  Frustrated with your existing coaching or consulting business?  Not getting the results you want?  My powerful strategies can help you get your business on track to greater success"

 Ernesto Mercado,

 The InnerGame Wealth Coach for Coaches 

"Everyone has a genius that can serve others and anyone with a strong desire to succeed can create a business around it.  You do NOT need to be a certified coach to start. Schedule a Free Consultation right now and find out how simple it is to get started."